We provide stable, high yield
returns, year after year.

New Century Financial services the underbanked market by providing financing for businesses across the U.S. through the purchase of accounts receivable at a discount, and making loans for equipment and working capital. We Believe in the Entrepreneur is more than just a motto.

New Century Financial offers returns that beat banks, bonds, and CD’s without the risk and volatility of the stock market. NCF offers 8% interest paid monthly on subordinated loans. The Company has paid monthly interest for twenty-five years and has never defaulted on a payment. One long-time investor stated NCF is “the JPMorgan of factoring” while another declared NCF was his “best investment over the last twenty-five years.”

Higher Yield

  • 8% APR, Fixed Rate
  • Paid monthly
  • Consistent monthly payments for twenty-five years

Low Risk

  • Two year loans
  • Underlying portfolio diversified: NCF has funded over 165 clients in 45 states and from different industries
  • Over its history, NCF has lost less than 0.2% of its $2.5 Billion purchased receivables

Cash Flow

  • 8% interest paid monthly
  • No defaults on monthly payments in twenty-five years


  • Experienced team ready to answer your questions